Beyonce Carter

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter popularly known as Beyonce, was born on 4 September,1981 in Houston, Texas. She is a singer, writer, producer and actress. When she enrolled for St. Mary Montessori school, she took part in dance classes. Her inbuilt talent was discovered by her dance teacher, when he was humming one song and she finished that song with high notes. Her performance and interest in music bagged many awards in school competitions. In 1990s, she became famous as a singer in R&B girl group, which was managed by her father. In 2003, she debuted in album named “Dangerously in Love” and established her as a solo artist.

In 2000s, she was recognised as the Top Certified Artist by “The Recording Industry Association of America”. She has won numerous achivements including International Artist Award, American Music Award, Legend Award(2008), Billboard Music Awards and 20 Grammy Awards. She was named the ‘Top Female Artist and Top Radio Songs Artist of the Decade’ by Billboard. In addition to all above, she bagged Fashion Icon Award at the CFDA in 2016 and she was listed as the ‘Most powerful female’ in 2015.


Beyonce Knowles who is known for her ravishing figure is known for following an age old Diet named as Master Cleanse Diet helped her significantly in maintaining her figure. It dates almost 10 decades back.  This diet is also widely known as  Maple Syrup Diet and Lemonade Diet. This diet is one of the most rigorous diet and can help you shedding oodles of weight rapidly. Beyonce is a living example of this result, she lost 50 pounds. This diet is a supreme version that cleanse the body by throwing all the impurities diet and detoxifies the body, while loosing these impurities people end up loosing weight, it also cleanse the skin and keeps all the skin problems at a bay. It almost takes a form of a fast as  you end up consuming nothing solid.


She only had Egg (only white portion) for her breakfast.


To complement her highly nutritious she drinks 1 big glass of protein shake and fresh turkey in slices.


Her in between snacks comprise of:

1 edamame or cucumbers alongwith vinegar, cayenne pepper berries with

lemon juice. 


She keeps her dinner as light as possible in form of 1 yellowtail sashimi with jalapenos and wasabi.


You can have purified water topped with lemon juice, Grade B maple syrup along with cayenne pepper. You should keep taking saltwater. It’s not a very tough diet however it channelize  your digestive system well. Master Cleanse Diet is a salt water drink that is recommended to for at least 12 times in a day when  you follow this diet. Ideal time being Before bedtime and immediately after waking up.