One of the most famous celebrity name in the hollywood film industry in Marilyn Monroe. Maybe the young girls today have not heard of her, but I am sure every single American boy still know Monroe. She was an amazing actress and model, born in the year 1926. She started her career at the age of 18 and became the Hollywood’s most famous actress in no time. Her fame and popularity crossed the skies, young Monroe was a sensation. She became really very popular’s, but what brought her to the eyes of people was not her performance but the hot and sexy body.

Monroe was the sexiest Hollywood actress back then. She mostly used to play the character of dumb blondes ( but really sexy) and people used to love those characters. By the year 1950, Monroe had already become the most famous sex symbol of the era. She was the highest paid actress back then, but a small tragedy destroyed it all. Her unexpected death at the peak of her career was a real shock for the whole nation. People still try to match her style and skill but none has managed to do so. Monroe was one of her kind and can never be copied. I still think she is the sexiest Hollywood had, has or will ever have.


Monroe was very beautiful when she started her career. She had a gorgeous look with an amazing figure but what was surprising that she somehow seemed to turn younger with her growing age. The world knows sexy Munroe had the perfect figure, Bust 36 – waist 22 – hips 36. Most models today can’t get this body even after strict diets and workout for hours. Monroe was truly god gifted, but she also worked real hard to maintain her figure.

Unlike other women , Monroe loved her body. She loved to diet more than eating. According to her true pleasure was to please her health and figure rather than flattering her tongue. Different people reveal different diet followed by Monroe Take a look at the FamousĀ Marilyn Monroe Diet Plan




a) Cream of wheat or hot oatmeals b) Toast and butter ( only 2 slices) c) A glass of cocoa milk ( warm ) d) Orange juice and stewed pruned

This is some of the things Monroe usually had for her breakfast. She really to take a very healthy start for the day.


a) Some baked potatoes b) Boiled eggs with 2 tablespoons of paneer ( cottage cheese) c) Fruits and Jello d) Butter and toast)

In an interview, Monroe reveals that she is not a fan of mid noon meal (lunch)



a) A cracker along with a glass of milk

Her main motto was to have a light yet nutritious snack for lots of energy.,


a) Some green baked veggies b) Potatoes c) Some meat/ fish / chicken / pork d) sweet dish – custards or puddings

Monroe really enjoyed having a nice dinner. As it said all’s well that end is well.

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